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Texas Hunter 500 lb. Hide-A-Way Stand and Fill Deer Feeder


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Texas Hunter 500 lb. Hide-A-Way Stand and Fill Deer Feeder

Texas Hunter builds the ultimate Hide-A-Way Stand and Fill Feeder. This low profile Directional Wildlife feeder dispenses feed in a wedge shaped pattern of approximately 30’ x 50’. The deer feeder is engineered to not dispense any feed within 3' to 5’ of the feeder. This deer feeder also automatically cleans out the blower unit area after each feeding cycle. Since there is no feed near the feeder or in the blower unit of the feeder, there is nothing to attract any animals to the feeder itself. This makes the Texas Hunter directional deer feeder 100% varmint proof.  As a great feeder for any hunter, the feed pattern also makes this the perfect feeder for bow hunters.  The animals are always away from the feeder in a predetermined area, so no more waiting for the deer to move away from the feeder or feeder legs.  Get your Texas Hunter Directional feeder today and see for yourself why this is the most innovative and revolutionary Hide-A-Way “Stand and Fill” feeder of its kind ever built. Made Under U.S. Utility Patent # 7,222,583

Includes Texas Hunter's Premium Digital Timer for Directional Wildlife Feeders.

The Timer is the heart of any feeder. The success of a successful feeding program will depend on the accuracy and reliability of the Timer. The Premium Digital Timer from Texas Hunter is designed to provide long term trouble-free operation. Feed times are very precise and the timer comes with built-in diagnostics. By simply pressing a button, you will know if your Timer, battery, and solar charger are working properly. There is even a troubleshooting feature to verify proper motor operation. The Texas Hunter Premium Timer was specifically designed for directional feeders utilizing two motors. This timer provides a dual stage operation required to accurately schedule the proper sequencing and run time of each motor. These Timers are used in all Texas Hunter Directional Feeders, the number one choice for Lake Management Professionals across America.

    • Simple Design and Easy to Set
      - Feeds 1 to 9 times per day
      - Run time 1 to 60 seconds
      - Test Run 1 to 60 seconds
      - 5-Year Limited Warranty
    • Built-In Battery Tester displays battery strength as Good, Fair, or Poor
    • Built-In Solar Charger Indicator
    • No internal batteries or fuses to maintain
    • Wiring harness and universal adapters included
    • Quickly Connects to battery, motors and solar charger
    • Display flashes to indicate optional solar charger is working properly
    • Memory Chip:
      - Saves all your feed settings, even when disconnected from battery

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